Tour Payment

You can pay for your Booked Tour with MforAmsterdam Tours through PayPal. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can use the PayPal interface to pay with your credit card (all major credit cards accepted). After you click the “Pay Now” button, when the PayPal interface opens, just click the button “Pay with a Credit Card”.

Payment for MforAmsterdam Tours

  • Please select the Tour you are paying for by using the dropdown box
  • Currency is EUR / Euro / €
  • Please fill in the amount in the “Amount” field according to the calculated price for the number of participants for that Tour (see the details mentioned under each Tour Description).
  • For a Custom Private Tour or a Corporate Outing, just fill in the agreed amount.
  • Please fill in the email address you used when booking the Tour, so I can match your Tour Payment with your Tour Booking Request
  • Payment will be to: Marjolein de Cleen / MforAmsterdam Tours
  • Please allow 24 hours for processing of the Booking Approval, as I may not always be able to check payments and approve bookings  during the day time.

Thank you for booking a tour with MforAmsterdam Tours.

Amount EUR

Refund Policy

To be eligible for a refund of a Tour Payment, make sure you notify me of the cancellation in time, at least 7 days before your agreed Tour Date,  through the Contact Form.

An exception can be made (at my discretion) for cancellations due to circumstances beyond your control.

Simply not showing up at the agreed Tour Date and Time means no refund.