Rijksmuseum, facade, Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum Tour

Located at the edge of Amsterdam when it opened in 1885, it was at that time the largest building in the Netherlands. The museum was immediately a great success, with half a million visitors in the first few months.

The Rijks­museum can be quite over­whelming  and surprisingly confusing to navigate. The collection spans 800 years of Dutch history and art and is on display in 80 rooms. It has paintings, objects, furniture, models, guns, cannons, chinaware, Delftware, dolls houses etc.

I will take you along the highlights of the Rijks­museum, in particular the Gallery of Honour, which houses many beautiful paintings from the 17th century (the Golden Age) amongst which Rembrandt’s famous Nightwatch (undergoing a slow and public restoration), as well as many works by other artists, including Vermeer, Hals, Bol, Steen, Flinck and Saenredam, to name a few.