Hollandsche Schouwburg, Plantage, Amsterdam

Plantage & Jewish Quarter Tour

The Plantage, initially pleasure gardens, orchards and large avenues, houses the Hortus Botanicus since 1682, Artis Zoo since 1838. In the 19th century the Plantage was an amusement district with many theatres.

Amsterdam was home to a large Jewish community since the 16th century, when many Jews fled the Inquisition in Spain and Portugal. During the Second World War, the Hollandsche Schouw­burg became a deportation center – now a memorial to the victims.

After the war, raided and in ruins, the slums around Waterloo­plein, Joden­bree­straat and Weesper­straat were demolished during major renovation in the 50s and 60s and the construction of the Metro East line. The Rembrandt House, De Pinto mansion, Jewish Historical Museum, Portuguese Synagogue and old diamond factories remain.

During the tour you will learn about the history of the Plantage and Jewish Amsterdam, and see many historical landmarks.