Philosophy & Approach

One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.
— Henry Miller


Small group walking tours are an excellent way to gain an intimate glimpse of Amsterdam: you get to discover city highlights and hidden gems, as well as locally loved cafes and learn more about the city’s history and culture as you explore its picturesque streets on foot. I enjoy communicating and bringing Amsterdam to life for you with passion and wit, including its history and what effect it has had on modern society.

I love talking to visitors and take them beyond the obvious to shed new light on the places they visit. Personal stories and contemporary infor­ma­tion keep the walks enter­taining and fun and bring the Amsterdam city to life for a memorable experience.

Flower shop PomPon window with reflection of Prinsengracht houses, Amsterdam

Facts & Fun

Tours should be interesting, informative and fun. Of course I will provide acurate information on Amsterdam’s cultural, historical and contemporary heritage. But I also promise to not make you feel like you’re following a history teacher around, keeping the storytelling short and simple. I like to make history and present local context come alive, sharing interesting stories and fun facts related to the different sites we visit.

I love my native city and I really enjoy interacting with visitors. And, if you want more in-depth information on any subject, all you need to do is ask. I will make sure you get to see as much as possible and have a good time. You will get a sense of the local culture and mentality, with facts and tips about the daily life in the city.

Table with cocktails, and snacks, garden of Pulitzer Hotel, Amsterdam


Private tours are of course completely flexible; I always try to gauge the interest of the group and adjust the level of info and the pacing accor­dingly, with enough time to get the information you need, take in the surroundings, take photos and ask questions. If needed the tour can always be adjusted to your needs and wishes. Coffee (apple pie) or lunch breaks can be inserted as needed.

Always open to your needs, suggestions, opinions and interests to ensure you have a quality time. Just tell me what you want to see and how much time you have, and I will make your stay unique and unforgettable.

Marjolein walking through a passageway in the former hospital Wilhelmina Gasthuis, Amsterdam

Communication & Interaction

Let me know what you are interested in — it has to be an interactive relationship, not just one way. I aim to offer a personal and flexible tour that exceeds your expectations, at a pace that is comfortable for you, like spending the day with a local friend who shows you the sights in this vibrant and beautiful city.

Having a small group makes it easier to chat, with plenty of opportunities to ask individual questions. And I’m always happy to provide some useful recommendations for the remainder of your visit and for good food and drink places and shops. And happy to give you some tips for the rest of your stay in Amsterdam.

Marjolein sitting on a bench on the Prinsengracht with flowers on both sides, Amsterdam

By the end of the tour you will hopefully have one more person to remember your trip by and a cherished memory that makes you want to return. And I hope you had as great a time getting to know me as I did getting to know you.

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.
— Tim Cahill