Liability & Responsibility

Respect the environment

All participants in MforAmsterdam Tours are expected to respect the city and its inhabitants and to abide by the instructions issued by the tour guide and/or any competent authorities.

At your own risk

Any customers who participate in one of my tours do so at their own risk. MforAmsterdam Tours is not responsible (and will not be liable) for any injury or damage incurred by a customer during one of our tours, or during the journey to or from the event. Participants are responsible themselves for respecting traffic regulations and assessing traffic situations. Please heed any warnings from the guide.

Younger participants

Participants younger than 18 years will be the sole responsibility of the accompanying adult participant, who will monitor their safety and behaviour during the tour.


MforAmsterdam Tours will not be liable for any material or immaterial damages incurred during one of our city walks, directly or indirectly. We are not liable for damages to or loss of your personal belongings — please look after them yourselves.

The participant / contractor indemnifies MforAmsterdam Tours, totally and unconditonally, for all claims by third parties in cases where the participant (in full or in part) has caused damage to the property of a third party.

MforAmsterdam Tours will not be liable for any refusal by the organiser of an event, an establishment, or the public authorities to admit a customer to an event coordinated by, or through us, as a result of actions by and/or negligence on the part of the customer.