Museum Het Schip, Amsterdam

A Visit to Museum Het Schip

Museum Het Schip (The Ship), dedicated to the Amster­dam School of archi­tecture, is located in the Spaarn­dammer­buurt (Spaarndam district), at Oost­zaan­straat 45, north of the Westerpark. It is called Het Schip after the social housing complex it is housed in (built between 1914 and 1921), designed by Michel de Klerk, one of the main exponents of this archi­tectural style. A perfectly preserved and restored post office in the same style (from the 1920s) is part of the museum. I visited Museum Het Schip in July 2021.

Post office from 1920 in housing complex Het Schip, Amsterdam

The post office from 1920 on the “bow” of housing complex Het Schip, part of the museum (July 2021).

When the post office in the block closed in 1999, the museum was initially housed there. In 2016 the museum got a permanent exposition space in the former school building, which is part of the complex. The former school’s play­ground now shows a collection of old street furniture in Amsterdam School style. Daily 45 minute tours inside the museum are included in the admission price. Next to the permanent Amsterdam School exposition, the museum also organizes longer tours through the neigh­bor­hood on Saturdays.

Post office window on the side of the Oostzaanstraat, Amsterdam

Detail of the post office window on the side of the Oost­zaan­straat (July 2021).

On Sundays there are tours by the museum in the Scheep­vaart­huis (Shipping House) on Prins Hendrik­kade — another fine example of Amsterdam School archi­tecture — which since 2007 is Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam. The museum also has an annex in the Amsterdam-Zuid district since 2012, located in housing complex De Dageraad (The Dawn) on Burge­meester Tellegen­straat 128.

Housing complex De Dageraad on Burgemeester Tellegenstraat, Amsterdam

De Dageraad on Burge­meester Tellegen­straat in the Amsterdam Zuid disctrict (January 2020).

Photo Gallery of Museum Het Schip (July 2021)

(photos by MforAmsterdam, post office interior photos by Alf van Beem)

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